Zoosk Review

ZooskOut of all of these sites, Zoosk is the one trying to be the most modern and the one most seemingly trying to appeal to a younger crowd, like millennials. That doesn't mean they're aiming to be a Tinder-alike, though. While undoubtedly some users troll Zoosk for short-term options, the site itself isn't pushing that view, trumpeting success stories of serious commitments created onsite. Nay, what their modern approach means is that there is a strong emphasis on integration with social media, especially Facebook. You can create your Zoosk account with your Facebook account, for example, and subsequently use it to sign in. Zoosk also apes the social media site with its own version of the News Feed, where Zoosk users can see what other users on the site are doing, such as updating their profiles.

After creating an account, users can browse the site and be shown matches immediately—that is, after expressing certain site-requested preferences. Like other dating sites, it uses algorithms to match up users, calling it their Behavioral Matching Engine. Unlike other sites, though, it doesn't require answering lengthy lists of personality questions. There are matching questions on the site, but more often, the site matches users via those expressed preferences and then tailors future matches based on how the user responds to the initial matches. The site also offers a Photo Verification Service so users know that other users' photos are up to date—no pictures from ten years or twenty pounds ago here! The process for the service is quite simple: users upload a video selfie, which is then reviewed by Zoosk's staff. Once the video and then photos pass review, the user is given a Photo Verification badge on their profile. Other features include an app (available in iOS and Android) and the Zoosk messenger, a separate chat program for computers.

On the downside, first of all, a separate download—that chat program—is rather old-fashioned, especially in a world where people increasingly (overwhelmingly?) use the internet on their tablets and phones. But perhaps more importantly to most users, most of the site is pay to play. Users can create accounts and browse for free, but doing anything beyond browsing other users requires a paid subscription. In addition to the subscription, users can purchase Zoosk coins to unlock even more premium features. In addition, bisexual users have to make two profiles—one for each gender—which seems inconvenient and unwieldy. Customer service used to be available via phone only, an antiquated option in these modern times, but now the site offers form-based service via Zendesk.

The final word: If you have the extra scratch and if you are looking for a younger crowd and/or you are not looking solely for hookups, Zoosk might be the right option for you. However, if you are older or looking for a site with a more sophisticated userbase and/or with an eye toward more serious relationships, other sites would likely be a better fit. But who knows? You might end up being one of their success stories.

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