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Dating SitesThis website was created with one simple goal in mind - To cut out all the noise and help you get closer to finding the right one.

First off, a necessary clarification - Our editors are not bots or highly-evolved artificial intelligence (although we like to think that we're intelligent!). At DatingSitesFree.net, we're real people, just like you, who have used or are using dating sites. We may not have the same needs and wants as you when it comes to dating sites, but we understand the experience and what can be delightful or frustrating. Every site reviewed here has been visited, used, and evaluated by our assiduous and committed editors.

We believe that you've seen lots of commercials on TV, ads on the internet, or read many articles, or heard advices from friends regarding which sites are the best, but how are you going to easily find the most suitable one without any trials & errors when you are bombarded with all these information? The answer more often than not is negative. Luckily, the truth is we don't fall for marketing hype nor just go by press releases.

Is it providing the user with seamless or clunky experience?

Is it easy to find and make matches?

What can you do for free?

Are the paid extras a good value?


And to start with, you better understand what you're looking for in a site, besides a partner, so that you can make the best choice for yourself.

You may be looking for a site with a lot of features.

You may be looking for a site that's a bit more elegant in design and use.

You may be looking for a site that caters to a specific demographic or one that has a broader user base.

You may just want to know what you're getting into before you sign up with a site.


And that's where we come in! Since...

We've been on the dating sites.

We had our own accounts.

We've answered the personality questions (Not all of them - even we have our limits) .


Using the information we've gathered, as well as our own experiences with using the sites, we've ranked them in order of recommendation. This order is based on multiple criteria, including ease of use, features, and the size of the user base, among other attributes. All of this is in service of providing you with the most objective look at popular dating sites.

We don't claim this is the be-all and end-all of information, but we think it will give you the tools needed to make the best choice. We can't promise that you'll find true love - although we certainly hope you do, if that's what you're looking for - but we can promise that our reviews will always be honest. The sites we reviewed did not pay us for their appearances here, nor did they pick the content. In return, we shall not be held accountable for any content beyond this site, either. All opinions expressed here are just Opinions, Dos and Don'ts. Information about the sites' features were true at the time of writing and we do aim to keep this site updated. But still, we may miss something once in a while. So, if you have ever spotted anything grossly incorrect or outdated, please feel free to inform us.

Finally, though we can't guarantee success on the dating site of your choice, we sincerely hope that you find it. And if you do find that one true love, definitely let us know. WE WISH YOU ALL LUCK & LOVE!

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